Monday, July 5, 2010

Casting the Ritual Circle

During a Wiccan ceremony or ritual, with great care, a circle is cast. Some may be as large as two hundred feet or more to accommodate the followers within the microcosm of the physical and spiritual world you've created. As protection and a means to bring the world between the worlds together. Once established, the circle contains both the metaphysical and magickal energies inside the sphere. Celebrants enter and exit the northeast point of the circle, the threshold. The north is the realm of the gods power, east is a realm of enlightenment. This is now the sacred womb of the mother goddess.

1.  Mark the circle out with lines in the dirt, sand or wherever you've decided to hold the ritual.
2.  Once the celebrants are inside the circle, the elements of the four quarters are called.
          a.  Earth is to the north, air is to the east, fire to the south and water to the west.
3.  As a group, you must visualize the sphere as a ball of energy everyone assists to create.
4.  Evoke the Watchers to each of the four quarters to magicakally guard the sacred area.
          a.  Watchers bear witness to the rites and can use great influence during the ritual.
5.  Movement in the Northern Hemisphere must be clockwise of all members. To dissolve the circle or when negating magickal energy move counterclockwise. This is reversed in the Southern Hemisphere.

When the circle is established the participants will stay in harmony, keeping attentive to the ebb and flow of the energy and magick. Feeling the natural flow of the Earth's energy will empower the witch/Wiccan to use their innate psychic ability, magickal powers and great insight.

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