Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Binding Spell

A binding spell is cast when you need to prevent someone from harming themselves or another. This white magic is a last resort when all other methods have failed. Never cast a binding spell when you are angry, hurt or seeking revenge ~ strong emotions will skew the results and NOT in a good way. Remember, "First ye do no harm, do what ye will."

What you will need:

1. A white candle
2. A small rag doll representing the person to be bound.
3. A nail clipping, hair from a brush, toothbrush or something that made contact with their body.
4. Salt
5. A container that will seal, filled with clean spring water.
6. A grey ribbon. (This neutral color is useful when pondering complex issues during meditation; in magic, this color can spark confusion; it can negate or neutralize a negative influence useful in binding spells.)

You must use a good representation of the individual you are binding. A photograph cut to show only the person to be bound is useful, or write the person's name on white fabric. The hair, nail clippings or other article of their person should be attached to the rag doll or whatever you have collected. Keep this all together with tape or glue.

Cast a circle and call the four elements of water, fire, earth and wind. You may also stand at your altar and pray that you wish no one to be harmed, then meditate to clear your mind.

Light the white candle and offer your desire for the person's recovery. "I shine my love and light on and around (person's name) so they may find their true path." Focus on why you found it necessary to do a binding spell.

Wrap a gray ribbon around the doll or bundle you've created to represent the person you're binding, nine times. Chant and focus on raising energy within yourself. You could say, "I bind you (person's name) from harming yourself or others, so mote it be." Repeat until you feel the energy drain into the grey ribbon that binds the person's future actions. Now LOOSELY tie a knot three times.

Visualize in your mind the person with light, peace of mine and clarity, with white light. Drip the hot wax from the white candle onto the knot to seal it. Re-affirm your intentions with, "(person's name), you are now bound by magic and will do no harm to yourself or anyone else."

Sprinkle salt three times into the spring water of the seal-able container and place the bound objects of the person into the container, saying, "Be cleansed of negative thoughts and purpose, be safe from harm and from harming others. So mote it be."

Seal the container and open your circle or end in prayer. Place the container in a freezer right away to finish the binding spell. If and when you release the person from the binding spell, thaw the ice, undo the knots of the ribbon and say, "I release you, (person's name). So mote it be."

  • 2
    Start your spell with whatever ritual you normally perform, such as casting a circle or calling the four elemental energies. If you prefer, pray that the outcome be the best for all and that no one be harmed, or simply meditate for to clear your mind.

  • 3
    Light the white candle and offer some affirmation of peace, such as "may the light of love surround (person's name) and help him find the way." Focus on the reason you are casting the binding spell.

  • 4
    Wrap the gray ribbon around his representation nine times, chanting to maintain focus and raise energy. Use a phrase such as "In the spirit of peace and safety, I bind you, (person's name), for the good of all, from harming yourself or anyone else." When you're done, tie a knot.

  • 5
    Visualize the person surrounded by peace, represented by a color, angels or white light. Drip wax onto the knot to seal it. Say an affirmation, such as "(person's name), you are bound by magic and will do no harm."

  • 6
    Sprinkle salt three times into the water and place the bound representation into the container, saying, "May you be cleansed of negativity and kept safe from all harm."

  • 7
    Seal the container and end your ritual as you normally would, or with a prayer. Place the container in the freezer immediately. Leave it there until you wish to unbind the person, at which time you can thaw it, undo the ribbon and release the person.

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