Thursday, September 2, 2010

13 Goals of a Witch

The Thirteen Goals of a Witch

These thirteen goals were written by Scott Cunningham in skeleton form without added substance to explain their complete meaning. Scott wrote this list in one of my favorite books, "WICCA: A guide for the solitary practitioner." Inside, he includes his private Book of Shadows and other valuable writings for both a coven of witches and the solitary practitioner. I've fleshed out the meaning of his goals from his teachings and those of Buckland.

1. Know yourself
When you truly are in tune with your inner self, that will reflect to others. You'll be trusted, confident and sure of your path.

2. Know your Craft
Only through your understanding how to use the Craft for helping others and yourself, will you build your relationship with the God and Goddess, Lord and Lady. Respect the rights of others, and "ye do no harm, do what ye will."

3. Learn
The more you learn about Wicca, the Craft and becoming a witch, the more you'll understand that you know nothing. There is a vast amount of knowledge available for any who seek it.

4. Apply knowledge with wisdom.
 Though you know how to create and maintain a binding spell, does not mean you have the wisdom to administer the spell. Wisdom takes years of working spells, magick and communing with other witches to fairly and justly administer magick to those in need. Learn all the Craft you can, then learn to practice those skills wisely and with love.

5. Achieve Balance.
You will have other interests that seem to pull you away from the Craft or Wicca. You shouldn't feel obligated to stay within the boundaries of what you believe a witch or Wiccan should be every day. Feel free to express yourself with balance. Join a group to clean up the beaches to keep gaia clean and beautiful. Volunteer at a hospital to assist the elderly. Balance in your life will make you a better person and a better witch.

6. Keep your words in good order
"Speak little, listen much", "Think before you speak" are good goals for a learning witch. The elders have much to say and you should learn to listen as you grow in the Craft.

7. Keep your thoughts in good order.
There is no revenge, or evil intent in the Craft. When you're feeling overwhelmed by others, wish them great success. Remember the power of three will return to you when you send your white magick toward those who verbally abuse or have the desire to harm you. 

8. Celebrate life
Enjoy every moment that life brings to you, whether a brief moment of pain or joy. Take part in events and ritual to celebrate the God and Goddess, make new friends who share your enthusiasm. Surround yourself with those who emit a natural positive energy and bring a smile to your lips.

9. Attune with the cycles of the Earth
When the sun goes down, your body may say it's time to rest. Listen to the natural circadian rhythm of your body. You were born on this planet and when the moon is high and full, changes in gravity works on your bodies chemistry. Denying your animal instincts and inner self that recognizes gaia's cycles will work against you.

10. Breathe and eat correctly
Live where you can breathe in clean air and have access to food from natural sources. Treating your body as the multi-tasking, super-machine at work and play takes a heavy toll. Filling up with sugar, fat and massive amounts of alcohol will dull the senses and quite possibly make you ill.

11. Exercise the body
A strong healthy body at any age; maiden, maid or crone will serve you well.

12. Meditate
This is an important tool for the witch who wishes to divine or commune with the deities. To conjure or make your spells work, you must be able to reach deeply and connect with gaia, the Goddess and God.

13. Honor the Goddess and God
All things are possible when you embrace the feminine and masculine parts of the faith of Wicca. One is as necessary as the other in nature and so mote it be.


  1. I enjoyed this list. I'm working slowly through Buckland's book and it's given me quite a lot to think about. Whether you are Wiccan or not, there are many things on this list that are worth applying to life.

  2. Adrienne Davenport

    I love the webpage you have put together here. The pagan religon and lore has alway intrigued me. This is really awesome.

  3. Adrienne Davenport

    Cherie, this is a very interesting webpage you have put together. I hava always been interested in the Pagan religion and lore. It's great to have all this information in one spot.

    Adrienne Davenport

  4. Fascinating site, Cherie. Thanks for doing the Muse Conference for us.

  5. Hi Cherie.

    The 13 Goals of a Witch list is applicable to just about anyone, no matter what their beliefs. Thanks for posting it.

    Lisa Hartjes


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