Friday, June 11, 2010

My Family Book of Shadows

In high school I became re-acquainted with my families Book of Shadows rather abruptly. One day in the mail I received a large package from my grandmother Rose. She had sent me the thick wood and leather bound book that had been in the Hughes family for generations. Excited and eager to read the contents in full I hurried to my room. My mother had no time or need for the book, "gifts" had skipped a generation and the wonders of Wicca were mine. Life has taken me on journeys around the world, as half gypsy I have the travel bug in the worse way. But the Book of Shadows was never far away and I've used many of the spells, incantations, advice, recipes, etc. that were contained within. I will share what I can and hope that you enjoy the wonders of Wiccan Magick, Spells and Conjuring on these pages. My novels will reflect my knowledge and skills, be sure to look for "The Seduction of Simone", coming soon from Noble Romance Publishing.

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  1. Sounds pretty cool- I inherited something similar from my grandmother--unfortunately lost it in one of my many moves, years ago--anyway really want to win the book!! My name is Sara Foehner Seymour, e-mail


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