Thursday, June 10, 2010

Conjure Prince Charming from Toad.

In the family Book of Shadows, I came across a couple of pages of spells to work on men who've become less than the prince charming you remembered. Just like my cooking, I like a spell that doesn't require exotic ingredients and too much time. I've used two of these spells that were spoken to me from my grandmother, so I was very excited to see them in print. Her seal is on each one but not the date and I think she may have been young when she conjured these spells. I remember Rose explaining how you must be the spell. In your speech, your manner and constitution, so that all may know that what you've created will come about.

As always you must practice white magick, but being naughty is not black magick, it is all done in good spirits.

Turning your frog back into a Prince!

1. Use a red piece of satin 10" X 10" approximately and sew up three sides with green thread, leaving one side open.
2. Use three tablespoons of sand and place inside the satin.
Place 5 rose petals inside the satin.
3. Place a handful of feathers inside the satin. (Old feather pillow will do nicely)
4. Write the man's name on a piece of paper and fold 3 times then place inside the satin.
5. Tie a green ribbon around the bag and place the bag with contents on a small mirror and repeat three times...

My prince charming for all eyes to see,
has become a toad, oh blessed be.
In the mirror's reflection come back to me,
your true self of mine, so be it, let it be.

A teaspoon of vanilla must be poured over the bag to sweeten the spell and please the goddess. Wait one day and if you're spell has succeeded, then throw away the bag. If you were unsuccessful, repeat the process for up to three days. Keep the bag in a cool, dry space.


  1. I will have to try this one. My husband could definitely be a little more Prince, a little less toad.

    Margaret Mater

  2. thank so much for sharing your knowledge...i can't wait for more...marie lisk


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