Monday, June 28, 2010


Wiccans believe in the basic tenet of reincarnation--the soul or "essence" of a human being will pass through many lives before achieving release from the wheel of rebirth. There is a Wiccan theology where a realm exists called Summerland where souls rest, renewing for their next experience on Earth.

Reincarnation can be traced back to ancient Greece and the Roman Mystery cults, where great debates with the philosophers took place. Palingenesis was believed by Pythagoras 6th century BC and Plato 5th century BC. Julius Caesar when invading ancient Briton found that the Druids believed in reincarnation as well. Even the Christian Bible has references to reincarnation...Matthew 17:10-13 and John 9:1-3, lastly Matthew 11:14-15.

This "idea" that people are reborn is seen in many cultures like the Buddhist belief in the Group Soul and collective Karma. Witches with long hereditary bloodlines take the evolution of family souls very seriously. The metaphysical principle of reincarnation is strong among many Pagan families. Wiccans also believe in genetic memories carried within our DNA. Often times vivid dreams can be those of a relative--passing through you during sleep to be remembered.

This transfer of memory is found over and over again in Nature. Scientists have been looking for the key that will easily open these memories for the last twenty years. Steeped in the mysteries of the past, yet deeply rooted to the present, Wicca offers natural solutions to humankind's most pressing questions about where we've come from and where we are going as a race.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Pagan Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice—Midsummer

The word “Solstice” comes from the Latin words, sol sistere – “sun stand still”. Indeed the sun does seem to stand still as the sun reaches it’s furthest point from the equator. Summer Solstice harkens the longest day of the year, when warmth spills upon the land and fruitful bounties are enjoyed by all creatures. In the northern hemisphere of our planet, the summer solstice occurs during June.

This year it is June 21st and many pagans will be celebrating this one day with reverence and celebration.Long ago, pagans didn’t denote “midsummer” as the first day of summer—for it wasn’t then and isn’t now—save for our modern society deemed the day so. How ironic that after this longest day the daylight gets shorter! So our ancestors realized Summer Solstice is the beginning of the END of summer.

Our ancestors were not ruled by convention or committee—no, they were ruled by the seasons of harvest, sexual awareness in the Spring of all living creatures and the need to store for the winter months ahead. Survival depended on their sensitivity to abnormal weather patterns, bad harvest years, the swelling and receding ocean waves for good fishing days.

The summer solstice is often the time of the first harvest and hence a celebration of this bounty has been held for hundreds of years. The day lasts so long, the gaiety lasted well into night, with dancing, food, mead, wine and merriment. The sun, Sol, brings life to growing crops in the field and warmth to the bones of the workers who harvested. This is reflected in the midsummer rituals or plucking herbs, for this special day brings added vigor, potency to the herbs for medicine and spells.

When night approaches, the pagan fires will burn brightly in honor of the sun. This is a time to strengthen the bonds between the participants as they chant to Sol’s continued service to the earth and it’s creatures. Some sacred sites, around the world will draw huge crowds as the Summer Solstice is honored. Stonehenge has an entrance-way that was aligned with the solstice sunrise and is a popular gathering place for modern druids and others enthusiasts on midsummer’s day.

For Wiccans, Midsummer is one of the four “Lesser Sabbats” or “Low Holidays”. Some now call this day Litha, the day of the Lord of Light, the Oak King who sits solidly on a greenwood throne.  Across the world, many pagans will throw off the hooded robes and bath skyclad under the sun while honoring Sol. Gypsies will also honor this day in similar abandon to their hard work during harvest and their respect for Gaia.

So as the Celts & Slavs celebrate with dancing & bonfires to help increase the sun’s energy, the Chinese honor Li, the Chinese Goddess of Light. One of the most enduring rituals of the Summer Solstice is were the Druids’ celebrate of the “wedding of Heaven and Earth”, that brought about our present day belief of a “lucky” wedding in June.

Pagan spirit gatherings or festivals are very common in June and I will festival, eat and drink all day with pagans. Women will wear braided circlets of clover and flowers on their hair, wrists and ankles. Men will wear chaplets of oak leaves and flowers around their heads in honor of the Oak King. On Midsummer’s Eve, I will join the group, assembling to light a sacred fire, then stay up all night to welcome the moon and the dawn.

For this year’s “Honey Moon” I will drink the mead made from fermented honey, leap through the edge of the bonfire flames and pick herbs to use in white magick throughout the remaining year. I will wear the protective garland made of herbs and flowers and little else as I bath in the moon’s glow, skyclad. Being Irish I will place yarrow under my pillow to dream of my next lover.

Life comes from Sol, we are all dependent on this magnificent ball of gas, and for one day I will be pagan and in awe. I will give respect and honor as would a child, bearing witness to the beginning of “dream-time” as visions of future events will unfold at nightfall. I will throw nine different types of herbs on the balefire. Just picked-Mistletoe, vervain, St. John’s Wort, heartsease, lavender, and others chosen from herbs typical of this season such as fresh yarrow.

I will swim in the lake as water is an important part of the Midsummer pagan ritual. Like in times past we will swim in waters, flowing toward the rising sun as it climbs in the Summer Solstice morning sky. This is healing, cleansing and protective. Gathering the dew of Midsummer bestows health to whoever drinks the elixir. Fetch running water of Midsummer morn and mix it with ashes from the bonfire that night. On the next day at home, sprinkled the mixture around the house, yard and on loved ones to bestow protection and luck.

May you have wonderful dreams, a fruitful harvest and find the love you search during this Summer Solstice.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Craft of Conjuring

Wiccan magick is old, my family history goes back nine generations with hints of more, so much more. When I hear that Wicca is a new religion I smile, Wicca is the second oldest religion in the world. The first religion according to archaeological history was Shamanism. From Shamanism, the people of the earth moved into a time where they adored the planet, the bountiful harvests and beauty. That was 25,000 years ago, surely older than some want-to-be historian of Wicca will sell you in their latest novel. The druids came long before a best-selling book, instructing you on how to cast a spell or perform a ceremony.

I believe in tradition, in ancient rituals that cleanse the heart of evil and fill you with white magick. In this time of electronic gizmos, instant gratification and sexual abandon, sometimes it's wonderful to take a breather and get back to nature. In this frame of mind, I came across a very old entry in my families Book of Shadows that explains how to change a "Foe into a Friend" spell. I've used this when I was in high school and was very pleased with the results. Using pure, white magick is about bending, being flexible and respecting all other cultures/people. So try this to win over that office nuisance or offensive mother-in-law..."And you do no harm, do what ye will".

1.   Write your name on one side of a piece of wood. (try an ice cream stick)
2.   Write your enemy's name on the other side.
3.   Cut a five-pointed star out of pink cloth or paper.
4.   Place both items into a crockery jar. (I use a glass jar with a screw on lid)
5.   Fill the jar, half with sugar/half with stream water and cover.
6.   Shake the jar thrice times three for nine days as you say sweetly for the crows nine calls, with pure intent...

My sweet thoughts of thee, your sweet thoughts of me
Are in (enemy's name) mind constantly
I do thee no harm, I offer myself on one knee
Blessed be, so mote it be 

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Family Book of Shadows

In high school I became re-acquainted with my families Book of Shadows rather abruptly. One day in the mail I received a large package from my grandmother Rose. She had sent me the thick wood and leather bound book that had been in the Hughes family for generations. Excited and eager to read the contents in full I hurried to my room. My mother had no time or need for the book, "gifts" had skipped a generation and the wonders of Wicca were mine. Life has taken me on journeys around the world, as half gypsy I have the travel bug in the worse way. But the Book of Shadows was never far away and I've used many of the spells, incantations, advice, recipes, etc. that were contained within. I will share what I can and hope that you enjoy the wonders of Wiccan Magick, Spells and Conjuring on these pages. My novels will reflect my knowledge and skills, be sure to look for "The Seduction of Simone", coming soon from Noble Romance Publishing.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

No Broken Heart Spell

This spell is tricky, but if you do this well you'll gently rid yourself of the frog who refuses to remain a prince. You must be certain, this is not for the faint of heart.

1. On Saturday at midday, write your lover's name 3 times on blue paper.
2. Secure the paper around a small pebble.
3. Wrap white wool fabric approx. 10" X 10" around the pebble and paper and tie securely with a blue ribbon.
4. Light two white candles and repeat this incantation three times three.
Tis a bittersweet love that I release thee,
My mind is made, you may not hold me,
Blessed be your path as we do part,
May your life be free of a broken heart.
Slowly unwrap the wool fabric with a vision of your lover parting with a smile upon his lips with no regrets of your time together.

Conjure Prince Charming from Toad.

In the family Book of Shadows, I came across a couple of pages of spells to work on men who've become less than the prince charming you remembered. Just like my cooking, I like a spell that doesn't require exotic ingredients and too much time. I've used two of these spells that were spoken to me from my grandmother, so I was very excited to see them in print. Her seal is on each one but not the date and I think she may have been young when she conjured these spells. I remember Rose explaining how you must be the spell. In your speech, your manner and constitution, so that all may know that what you've created will come about.

As always you must practice white magick, but being naughty is not black magick, it is all done in good spirits.

Turning your frog back into a Prince!

1. Use a red piece of satin 10" X 10" approximately and sew up three sides with green thread, leaving one side open.
2. Use three tablespoons of sand and place inside the satin.
Place 5 rose petals inside the satin.
3. Place a handful of feathers inside the satin. (Old feather pillow will do nicely)
4. Write the man's name on a piece of paper and fold 3 times then place inside the satin.
5. Tie a green ribbon around the bag and place the bag with contents on a small mirror and repeat three times...

My prince charming for all eyes to see,
has become a toad, oh blessed be.
In the mirror's reflection come back to me,
your true self of mine, so be it, let it be.

A teaspoon of vanilla must be poured over the bag to sweeten the spell and please the goddess. Wait one day and if you're spell has succeeded, then throw away the bag. If you were unsuccessful, repeat the process for up to three days. Keep the bag in a cool, dry space.